Forest Babies Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
Wildlife Rehab in Action ~

For the care of sick, injured or orphaned native Florida wildlife and release back to the wild.

The Goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to provide professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so they can ultimately

be returned to their natural habitat. Animals are held in captivity only until they can live independently in the wild.


The pictures on this website are a sampling of the animals cared for over the years.

  Wildlife Poems & True Stories  

A story: Story of Gus the raccoon

A story: The Connection between
Dolores's Death and ďMumĒ the Opossum

Now being written the story: Monkey-Man ~
The Raccoon Who Crashed Forest Babies Rehab

Read the ongoing story about Diesel, a Gopher tortoise.



Popeye the Opossum
Dear Popeye the sailor man
We'll see you again when we can
If we ever stop crying
because of you dying
Sweet Popeye the sailor man
We wish you didn't go
and we want you to know
you were strong to the finish
your memory won't diminish
Our Popeye the sailor man
From all who loved our special sailor man, Popeye.
You touched our lives Popeye with your sweet disposition and daily determination.
May you be whole and healthy in heaven and run and play all day.

Died July 25, 2008



Little Sir

Mama raccoon didnít come home.
She left the wee one all alone.
Mom faced perils night and day.
 This sad night one came her way.

Careless driver, dark of night,
 A stolen life while in flight.
Racing on to who knows where,
hit the mom without a care.

Little one had lost his mother
fallen victim like the other.
All alone, a baby raccoon,
tiny face lit by the moon.


At my door a lady stood
asking me if I would
help the baby she had found
lying helpless on the ground.

Pleading so with his soft voice,
with a peek I had no choice.
Took one look and what I saw
two frightened eyes and a velvet paw.

Now my heart again would seize
a life to save and fill with ease.
Little boy Iíll stroke your ears.
With me you will have no fears.

Come sweet baby, little sir,
let me smell your precious fur.
Raccoon spirit full of charm,
rest your head upon my arm.


I want you my friend to see
what this babe has done to me.
Forego family time and sleep,
all for his sweet heart to keep.


by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator



I am a little rabbit
cute as can be
till I met a dog
it nearly killed me.

Laying on the ground
lost and so lonely
I could not hear a sound
till Linda found me.

I had to stay there
for quite a while
life was so hard
but Linda made me smile.

Time ticked by
and so did my life
dreaming for the world
when I was in a trife.

Now the world is nice
and so is my new friend
but if Linda was not there
I would be at my end.

by Růsha (12 yrs. old)
copyright  ©  2007



My eyes had just opened
after a while
I had a warm feeling
when I saw her smile.

It all started
one cold and dark night
out looking for lunch
ended up in a fight.

I am only a squirrel
as you may see
face to face with a cat
can be very scary.

It hit me first
upon the face
I was just laying there
an utter disgrace.

When lovely Linda smiled
all was good
she gave me love comfort
and lots of food.

I am better now
just a bit scared on my head
but without Linda
I could be dead

by Růsha (12 yrs. old)
copyright  ©  2007


I Can See a Baby Squirrel

I can see a baby squirrel
high up in that tree.
He is jumping to and fro,
happy and so free.

You are young and not too sure.
Baby squirrel be careful please.
You need to grow because you have
such tiny toes and tiny teeth.

Still too young to eat a nut
or a tender shoot.
Go back home you little one,
we all know you are cute.

Canít you hear your momma call?
Go back to your nest.
Donít run off and get lost,
your Momma, she knows best.

Come back out when you grow up,
when your fur is thick and rich.
Next time we see you little squirrel,
your tail will do itís twitch!

by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator


Little Brown Rabbit

Little brown rabbit, what do you see?
Are those your sweet eyes, looking at me?
Little brown rabbit, what do you hear?
Is it your mother, hopping by near?
Are those your long legs, sturdy and sound?
Made just for you, to jump and to bound?
My, look at those teeth! Just what you need,
to nibble the grass and munch on the weed.
Is that your tail, fluffy and white?
Little brown rabbit, oh what a sight!

by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator



Sweet One

Sweet one baby soft and small,
Youíre the one that does it all.
Everyday from the very start,
tiny paws wrapped Ďround my heart.

How you do this, tell me please.
For every day Iím on my knees,
praying I can do this right,
and do it without the fright.

Oh dear baby, I will try
even if itís with a sigh.
Care for you until you're grown
so you can be, on your own.

by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator




The day I walked in through the door
 and laid my eyes on you,
 on your shelf you held a pose
 and looked right at me too.


I held my breath tight in my chest.
 My heart then skipped a beat.
 Look at his head! That fur! Those teeth!
 And what enormous feet!
 You climbed on your shelf and I scratched your neck
 big hulk of a beautiful boy.
 Offered your paw for me to hold
 then left to play with a toy.
 You took a pecan from my hand
 then a grape or two.
 I gazed into your eyes and said,
 "Do you know that I love you?"
 When your Dad made you a ladder,
 you patted it with pride.
 Always clearly showed your love
 You would never run and hide.
 You were fun to watch our gentle lamb
 pitty pat, flirt and play.
 Then show your pink, winky parts
 to your Mom most every day.
 You took my breath first time we met.
 Next you stole my heart.
 Now you have my tears and sobs,
 for this is the day we part.
 Your life was a good one.
 We all loved you so.
 Our dear Aristotle,
 to heaven you go.
 On the wings of an angel
 up to the cloud.
 To the land of the spirits
 where you will stay proud.


We have been honored by your presence in our lives.
You will be dearly missed as we celebrate your life.

Presented to Randy and Karen on the passing of their beloved raccoon Aristotle.





The Circle of Life, Reunited with Nature

You came to me young and afraid.
It was then that I prayed.
Help me with this tiny one.
Help him grow up big and strong.
And you grew with every day.
Round and round and round youíd play.
Then stop to look as if to say,
ďOh, momma, arenít I sweet?Ē
ďMay I have a little treat?Ē

When the day comes that we part,
my heart will pause then seem to stop.
I know how it will be.
You will run, then climb a tree.
This is great and meant to beÖ

So, why does this tear me up inside,
even though Iím full of pride?

ďIf I could talk, hereís what Iíd say.
Thank you for taking me in that day.
For feeding, cleaning and cuddling too,
when I was young and so brand new.
All to prepare for this one awesome day,
so I could be free and do as I may.Ē

So, where do these tears come from?
This was a job that was well done.

ďNo need for you to cry too long,
for Iím great big, healthy and strong.
Can climb a tree and swim a stream.
From day one, this was my dream.
Iím so very, ready to roam.
Please trust Iíll find myself a nice home.Ē

Oh, why does this make me ache inside,
now that our goal is satisfied?

ďItís ok, your work is done!
Now let me go to have my fun!
Iíll be fine, no need to fret.
Miss me some, but donít forget,
when I was a babe you cared for me.
Now I have grown to be wild and free!
Reunited with nature, itís suppose to be,
for the circle of life, is now up to me.Ē

He needed a rehabberís helping hand,
All grown up, but still my little man.
Forever and ever, born to be free,
reunited with nature, as was meant to be.
For the circle of life, is what he will see.


by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator



My Favorite?

Sometimes I'm asked
by someone whoís near,
"Which is your favorite?"
said while they peer.

"This one, this one right here!
The one that I hold
is the one I find dear."

by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator




Mother Nature I'm Hurting

Mother Nature in you we trust.
Take this baby if you must.
This part of nature is hard you know,
for folks like us who see the flow,
of life and death of precious ones,
who grace our land and sky and seas...

Oh Mother Nature would you please,
comfort us and let us see,
in our minds a type of place,
where the babies romp and play,
no more pain or ill they feel,
just sun and rain and freedom filled,
days and nights forever more,
in your arms as before.

Mother Nature we understand,
we are not to know your plan,
that cause our hearts to crack and break
every time you choose to take,
another soul that we have loved,
and nurtured with your help above.

Yes, my heart is cracked and torn.
Yes, itís for this one I mourn.
But I know the time will come,
when another little one,
naked, cold and afraid,
in my hands he is laid.
My heart will mend.
My yearn be filled,
and all my might
will go to him.
Give me strength
to try again.

by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator




Instructions For My Opossum

Your time in rehab flew by fast.
Now that is all in your past.
Run now, be on your way.
Donít look back another day.

Youíre big and strong and wild and free,
Go ahead! Go run in glee!

Stay away from car and dog.
Eat a lizard, eat a frog.
Be a opossum with a plan.
Go on forth and start a clan.

Please wait till after dark,
you need to be super smart,
if you decide to go,
into someoneís yard you know,
to eat the pet food from the bowl.
Sneak in fast and sneak in low.
Then they will never see,
you or your family.

Youíre big and strong and wild and free!
Go ahead! Go climb a tree!

by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator




To Love a Raccoon

One day a little while ago,
at my doorstep full of woe,
a tiny creature did appear,
soft and sweet and so dear.
What to do, I did not know,
where to turn or where to go.
So tiny and so frail was he
it was easy for me to see
I needed help and advice,
from someone who was very nice.

 A wildlife rehabber I did call,
because she so, knew it all,
every concern and fear I had,
she said, it was not so bad.
I can tell you what to do,
 cause not long ago, I was you.
Scared and feeling all alone,
with a baby raccoon born,
just about a day before.
I will guide you for I know,
you are frightened to the core.

Take a breath and follow me.
Donít you worry you will be,
able to care, for this wee one,
for you have a heart like none.

For I have been to the Raccoon land.
Have seen the tail with many a band.
As clear as a bell and bright as the moon,
I know what itís like, to have a Raccoon.

So I breathed and listened to
this kind and beautiful woman who,
hugged, then took me by the hand,
and lead me to the raccoon land.

It was then that I found
in my soul so deep down,
a raccoon with a banded tail
Oh dear God, donít let me fail.
His masked face, it lit a flame.
I will never be the same.

For I have been to the Raccoon land.
Have seen the tail with many a band.
As clear as a bell and bright as the moon,
I know how it feels, to love a Raccoon.

This rehabber will never know,
what she did with her glow,
or what that day meant to me.
and she will forever be,
my Raccoon hero, yes indeed.
I want you to know,
you are forever, my hero.

For I have been to the Raccoon land.
Have seen the tail with many a band.
As clear as a bell and bright as the moon,
now I know what it means,
to love a Raccoon.

Dedicated to Karen
Wildlife Rehabilitator

Baby Thomas

by Linda
Wildlife Rehabilitator



Hush Little One

Hush little one don't  say a word 
I'm gonna take you to another world
where you and I can touch the stars
sit on the moon or go to mars
Or maybe go to the deep blue sea
sit in a boat just you and me
swim the ocean to make some friends
so hush little one lets go to bed
Walk in the desert deep in the night
or climb a mountain to a great height
 no  one else forever us
only the world can stop me and you
No tears shall come from your eyes
to darken our light blue skies
so hush little one lay down your head
come  ride with me to your comfy bed

by Růsha  (11 yrs. old)
copyright  ©  2007




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The Meaning of Rehabilitation...

To face yet another day just like the one before. We forgo sleep, time with family and friends, and any time at all for ourselves. And yet, when life is given back, a success is noted, a victory won, we are renewed to continue with this work. Those who are gifted with a great love for animals and nature and the ability to help save their lives have no choice but to do all that is humanly and humanely possible.

This website was created to help us appreciate the wild animals we make our home
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